Another Europe with Tsipras, people first!

Dear friends,

Also in Holland with strongly support the movement Another Europe with Tsipras (Un’altra Europa con Tsipras).

This is the official site of Alexis Tsipras

this is the site of Un’altra Europa con Tsipras

We have also a FB pagina

We simply require a 100% Social Europe. A Europe where all citizens have the same rights and the same access to essential goods  and nobody has to suffer poverty and unemployment.

We are not going to sacrifice social rights in a social Europe because some financial oligarchies in Europe ask us to.

First of all we have to think how we are going to help countries with a less developed social system to reach the quality of the better states. For no reason we can abandon the good social system for the worse.

We require a 100% Social Europe.


People first!

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