Call for a global ban on climate engineering

To get a more funded and sound opinion on how risky SRM (Solar Radiation Management) and SAI (Stratospheric Aerosol Injection) are I would suggest that we  read and study a lot. I have been researching on this issue since at least 4 years. I have also done interwiews with many metereologists and IPCC experts. I am studying the issue of environmental (air) pollution since 1986. And still researching, I am absolutely aware of how much we still don’t understand about climate, weather and air pollution. So we have to be patient and not to go in search for rapid technological fixes to solve the climate disruption. Here a list of 31 arguments against the deployment of Solar Radiation Management or Stratospheric Aerosol injection based on the studies and research of a.o. Alan Robock a distinguished metereologist at a global level

  1. Drought in Africa and Asia
  2. Perturb ecology with more diffuse radiation
  3. Environmental impact of implementation
  4. Effects on plants of changing the amount of solar radiation and partitioning between direct and diffuse
  5. Continued ocean acidification
  6. Ozone depletion with more UV at surface
  7. Affect stargazing
  8. More sunburn from diffuse radiation
  9. Regional climate change, including temperature and precipitation
  10. Whitening of the skies
  11. Unknowns about Climate system response
  12. Less solar radiation energy generation by solar power, especially for those requiring direct radiation
  13. Rapid warming if stopped
  14. Cannot stop effects quickly
  15. Human errors
  16. Unexpected consequences
  17. Commercial control
  18. Military use of technology
  19. Conflicts with current treaties (weaponizing the weather?)
  20. Whose hand on the thermostat?
  21. Degrade terrestrial optical astronomy
  22. Affect satellite remote sensing
  23. Societal disruption
  24. Conflict between countries
  25. Effects on airplanes flying in the stratosphere
  26. Effects on electrical properties of the atmosphere
  27. Impacts on troposphere chemistry
  28. Effects on cirrus clouds as aerosols fall into the troposphere
  29. Environmental impacts of aerosol injection, including producing and delivering aerosols
  30. Moral hazard – the prospect of it working would reduce drive for cutting emissions
  31. Moral authority: do we have the right to do this?
Climate disruption, Elezioni 2008

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